All Season Tree Care

6 April 2020

Tree and Home Care Tips

We at Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal want you to enjoy the most of your home, garden and general outdoor areas.  Sometimes running a tree removal and vegetation business is more than just cutting and felling tree but offering advice to our customers to improve their outdoor lifestyle.

To help you in this regards, we have provided a list of garden tips and tricks below.

All season tree care

Looking after your garden shouldn’t just be a seasonal affair.  Most people neglect their gardens and trees in the cooler months and manage the growth during the heavy blooming seasons of Spring  and Summer.  Often by this time, you are leaving the attention and care too late and are simply managing the growth by cutting back large portions, requiring larger efforts.   By arranging smaller and simpler jobs all year round, you can avoid the larger efforts and ensure your yard stays in a pristine and health condition.  You may find that with the extra attention during the Winter and Autumn periods can save effort in the long run and provide a better looking outdoor space.

Tree Fact – Age and History

It’s something that a lot of us even learn in primary school.  Want to know how old a tree is?  Cut it in half and count the rings.  What many people don’t know is that these rings can also provide a lot of historical data for the surrounding area.

As the trees grow, each layer represents its ease of growth leaving a visual representation of it’s surroundings for that particular year.

 For example. If the distance between two rings is larger than normal, it may be an indication that the weather that year was viable for growth, usually meaning decent rainfall.  Vice versa, a thinner ring may have indicated a drought eras. 

An example of this being used?

Have you head of Roanoke?  Settled in Fifteen Eighty Seven, the whole town mysteriously disappeared as supply boats returned from England.  What happened has never been discovered however academics have determined by using the older local trees, and counting back from the outer edges until they reached the ring of that period, that the area was subject to an extreme drought season.  Whether this forced them to move, or allowed them to perish has never been answered but it provides a reason for further research.

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