Tree Service Articles

While our main role involves Tree lopping, Tree Removal, Stump Removal and things like pruning and tree maintenance, it doesn’t mean we at Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal don’t like trees. Quite the opposite in fact.

While it may seem counter productive for our business, we would like to provide you with a number of articles which may be interesting, or may help you look after the health of your trees and general outdoor garden spaces so that you don’t need to have a tree business attend.

All Season Tree Care – 6 April, 2020 – A quick article on why you should maintain your trees and garden all year round, not just when it bloom in the warmer months, and how this could save you time in the long run, Plus! Enjoy our first random Tree Fact number 1.

The Right Tree, The Right Place – 20 April, 2020 – Did you know that there are many benefits to planting the right tree in the right place. This articles gives you a quick run down on some of those benefits. Ideal for someone who has just bought a new home or is looking at re-designing or re-doing their gardens and landscape.

Pruning Sick, Diseased and Broken Branches – 9 May 2020 – Trees can get sick to. They can get bacterial infections just like us people, but there is away to keep them healthy by literally removing the dead wood. Also, do you know what the biggest tree alive is?

Regions of a tree – 10 June 2020 – Everybody seems to take trees for granted but did you realise that they are actually complex living organisms. No? Well the are. To start off and to help you understand the different masses of the tree, this article gives you a quick run down of the important regions.

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