Branch removal and trimming

We love trees, but often the fight feels like a never ending battle, especially if you got one of those gardens that has many overhanging branches, or you have a tree that likes to shed or has been damaged by disease or rot.  The constant dropping of leaves and branches can make your yard look a mess and cause a hazard with overhanging branches over houses and sheds.

Cutting these problem areas back is just one of our many services and we have the experience to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner, rather than having to do it yourself over possibly a number of weekends.  We also have the know how when cutting trees back, as simple as this seems, some trees prefer different treatment to others and certain cutting styles can restrict future growth.

We find that a regular service of the yard, as little as once or twice a year can improve the yard life drastically and prevent ongoing maintenance issues in the future.  A good time is at the end of Autumn, just before the Spring growth and everything starts to bloom.  This minimises growth and prevents your yard from becoming a mess too quickly, meaning even more work will be required to get the desired results.

On another note, we also recommend a regular trimming service for those properties not on town water as contamination of a rainwater tank typically occurs at the roof level.  Not only do you prevent the breakdown of leaf matter and other vegetation in the gutters but you also can prevent birds from landing atop your roof by removing those overhanging branches, thus removing some of the faecal contamination to your rooftop.

We are also trained professionals which means we have the expertise and equipment to get up into all the high and normally unsafe areas to get to those pesky branches without putting anyone in danger.

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