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4 Hervey Chase
Maroochydore , QLD 4588

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Notary advice – Test text only. This text data is provided only as a testing device for the web administrator in relation to the initial launch of the website (see launch date – 6 April 2020 and associated activities to the “go live” requirements). Preference is that all clients, including the associated business – Sun Tree Lopper and Stump Removal – all web administrators and web clients have access to available text including any requirements for further changes or future rectifications relating to web layouts and future articles. Initial indications seem to warrant a text based approach for the client as the capability to embed photos or other tree data not related to simple articulations may beyond the client’s need and/or scope for further tree related services. It is suggested that a full 1 hour meeting post launch be approved for guidelines on how to maintain the general site, but provide further information on adding new content and other tree or business related information.

Further to this text data being provided, once launched the test should indicate that the text itself is existing but hidden form general viewing (exception – only when selected via text section should it remain visible). General text is to remain as general as possible and where possible minimal information regarding the business should be provided. Exception to this being the contact details including address, phone number, web links and electronic email addresses. Personal information associated to the owners and employers of Sun Tree Lopper and stump removal should be inhibited to avoid any future privacy issues and possible change to ownership should the business itself either a) become obsolete or b) undergo new management. Should a) constitute itself, the website is to be kept current for six months before it, itself being made obsolete and only to be archived if needed. Should b) constitute itself, information regarding business and owner details are required to be updated, both on the website and in the business contact details of the web service provider and web client. Further, the new client is to be questioned on their tree services so that it matches the information available on this page. A meeting with the client should be obtained in regards to the ongoing nature and servicing of the website, including updates and bi-annual review of all pages and content.

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