Palm removal

Face it, Palms are generally in the either love them or hate them category.  Some love their neat appearance, and beach holiday feels, whereas others dread the constant falling leaves and nuts they often drop.  If you’re in the latter category then you may want to consider getting rid of those pest palms that make your hard so hard to clean.

Palms are a special breed and can often take a different method of felling if there is not room to drop them.  Not that it bothers Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal as we can handle anything!

One thing about palms, due to their long thin and branchless bodies, is that they can be deceptive in their height.  More than a few people have been caught out when felling them themselves, only to find that they were taller than they first thought and covered the distance to that house / car / shed that was laying just over their and has now been crushed or broken from the falling weight.

This is why we rarely cut down a palm in a felling motion and lop it bit by bit first (unless of course we are absolutely certain there is nothing around that it can fall on to). Either way, we normally do ask that you clear the area before our arrival of any object you may not wish broken under the weight of a lopped piece of palm tree.  As above, people are often caught out, even by the small pieces which, when lopped, can hit the ground and roll or bounce damaging vehicles or completely demolishing smaller things like kids toys and gardening equipment.  Obviously, we will ask to keep yourself and any small kids and / or pets away equally.

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