Residential land clearing

At Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal we have all the right tools to be a able to clear those smaller blocks.  Don’t pay ridiculous prices for earth moving equipment just to remove a few trees and some hedges, we can do that for you.  We are especially used to clearing small patched for future development such as houses and sheds – getting rid of that annoying vegetation that is in the way, clearing spaces for the initial pad to be laid.

First – as a general reminder – we always advise to check with your local council regarding the removal of any trees.  Certain species are protected but further, certain areas have protection overlay under the town planning schemes and policies (don’t ask us, we don’t understand much more than that).  Removal of a protected tree or a tree in a protected zone can lead to heavy penalties so when we ask you to check, it is for you own sake.  Dependant on the Council you may require a small application fee for a simple tree removal however if you are clearing large areas and multiple trees, more maybe be required.  While we are not experts in this field, if we have our suspicions that an approval is required, we may ask to see some form of clearance certificate for work to commence.  If we do remove a protected tree on a person’s property, we are not liable for the work that took place as this onus is place on the property owner, so take care!

For all you businesses out there that also do your work regularly on domestic premises, please call us if you need a hand with anything vegetative speaking.  We are local business and would love to form partnerships with other local businesses, both for our own benefits and the community.

We act fast when possible and can help during building houses and other structural developments by getting rid of branches and stumps and even whole trees if they are stopping you from finishing your own job. 

You will be surprised how quick we can get you back on your feet and as a local business, we understand the pressure you have to please your customers, especially when time frames are involved. 

Our experience combines with a range of professional tools and equipment allow us to get into any job and get results in a flash.  Our professionalism extends to our safety practices as well.  We know that when we enter your work site we are working under your own work place health and safety guidelines as well as our own and are willing to comply with all logical and common sense orders.  We have our own safety procedures, methods and personal protection equipment so you can be an assured that we won’t be a liability for your work site.

If you a a resident looking for work done in your area let us help you with your projects, big or small.  We can clear your back yard for you or choose and select the trees you want to keep.  If you are unsure what you are trying to do we will provide advise if possible. 

Don’t get caught with unskilled professionals, give us a call now!

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