We at Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removals provide a range of services above and beyond the simple removal of tree and stumps. For more information on what we do, see the links below.

Standard Tree felling, lopping and removal services – your basic tree removal service

Palm Tree removal – as above but specialised for palm trees

Stump Removal – removal of stumps, whether or not we removed the tree or not.

Mulching – grounding said wood bits into itty little bits. You can keep the left overs if you would like

Pruning – trimming and cutting back

Branch removal and Trimming – Similar to above but with larger branches and more extensive

Tree Maintenance and General Servicing – Providing regular on going maintenance of your outdoor areas

Residential Land Clearing – Need to build something? We can clear the way for you!

Tree Removal and Commercial Land Clearing – Developing, get in contact with us!

Storm Waste Clearing – lost a tree or some major branches that need cleaning up? Give us a call!

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