Storm waste clearing

Queensland!  Am I right?  Drought one day, violent storms the next, leaving debris and other rubbish spread across your lawn.  Worse (hopefully not), a good storm can knock over whole trees, and not always small ones.  Sunshine Tree Lopper’s can provide a range of expertise services on site to help you clean up and remove all that unwanted excess off site, including the larger items such as fallen trees.

We can cut up branches and trees, mulch them into nothing and take them away, leaving your yard free from all that annoying debris and saving you weeks, sometimes months, of effort of having to do it yourself.

We can be there when the State Emergency Services (SES) can’t make it because they are too busy with emergency situations.  The local Council isn’t going to clean up any debris on your own private property so who are you going to call (we’ll give you a clue, it’s not the ghost busters, unless you are haunted by ghost debris as well).

Our team will provide direct communication with you, as often when you have this problem, many other people have the same issues, and we try to communicate directly with you to let you know where and when we can make it.  Once on site, our trained staff have all the expertise and experience to remove the rubbish and have your yard cleaned in no time. 

Branches can be mulched while we have professional equipment and chainsaws to remove the larger branches or even whole trees bit by bit.  Whatever is necessary to get your back yard back to the way it was.

Some people leave their yards for months after a large storm incident, every time they look at it, it just seems too much, and simply mow around piles of branches or fallen trees.  To do the work yours self would take more than a few weekends and it hardly seems worth the effort right?  Well no need to go to that effort, Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal can be in and out in a jiffy (we’re not actually sure what a jiffy is either).

And don’t be worried about dangerous trees, we always make sure our work sites are safe and secure not just for our staff, but for anybody else who may be on the property including your friends and family.  We take each job one by one and will assess your yard and ensure that all our actions comply with the relevant work place health and safety requirements.

Don’t sit around staring at an untidy back yard.  Don’t put up with the mess that only a Queensland storm can bring.  Hire a professional tree service to do that job for you, you will be surprised of our competitive prices and find that it’s well worth saving the heart ache and the effort of doing it yourself.  Save our number, put it on the fridge and give us a call when you need us!

We are Sunshine Tree Lopper and Stump Removal.

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