The Right Tree in the right place

For a better garden – plant the right trees in the right place

Getting a great outdoor space starts at the beginning.  For those of you who are starting afresh or looking at revamping your yard and gardens, careful consideration should be given as to where and what you plant.

One of the many things people want of their yard, unless you are avid outdoor gardener, is a space that’s easy to maintain and minimises the time and effort in making it appear beautiful.  Speak to your nursery before purchasing plants.  Find out those trees and other vegetation that drop a lot of leaves, branches and other materials such as nuts or fronds.  Certain trees will also only drop leaf matter at certain times a year while others may do it continually, leaving your paved and other similar areas constantly cluttered.  While loved by many, palm trees are also often a burden, especially he species that drop both large fronds and palm nuts.

Another factor is the canopy, and where the trees will be growing to in the years to come.  Some trees may be larger and wider than you originally thought, dropping matter in unwanted areas such as on houses and other structures.

Due to this, choosing the right spots for trees is also important.  As a general rule, stay away from rooves, doubly imported if using tank water.

Finally, remember that early on, trees and there vegetation may require more irrigation and other attention so it is important that the area can be watered easily, or accessed if soil is required to be dug out or mulch applied at any stage.

Tree Fact – The Eldest

Trees are old.  Like, really old.  Like, full of wisdom old.  Well, some of them are anyway.  The oldest living thing in this world is supposedly (because it’s only what we can prove) a Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) named Methuselah (yes, they named it).

The estimated age is 4,851 years old.  Now that is Old.

That mean it was born, or seeded, around 2833 BC.  That’s when human’s were really just beginning to come out of there shell.

He lives in the Inyo forest and sits almost 3,000 feet above sea level.

Now, we have never met Methuselah, but we can only assume and presume that from we have read is that he is very fine old gentlemanly tree with a good nature (and a part of nature) and has a really good knowledge of history with everything he has seen.  Of course he doen’t talk much, but it must have been a hard life watching most of his friends and family die before him.  Oc course he would have many Grand (grand times maybe twenty thousand) kids to play with.  No wonder he feels so old.  I’m sure the weight of responsibility on him must be enormous. 

The United States of America, like many things in America, seems to have some of the oldest and biggest tree, and forests full of the oldest and biggest trees in the world.  We’re not really sure if that has just been the evolutionary nature of the region or the distinct lack of human involvement and isolation from people in general for thousands of years before many of the other continents.  Still, it’s a good thing to see such wonderous beauty it’s magnificent old and ancient and tallest forms.

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