Tree Maintenance and general servicing

Maintenance can mean more than cutting down and cutting back.  Sometimes it means adding finer touches and carefully selecting which branches to remove (due to death or disease).  Some yards may require more maintenance than others which is where we come in! 

Sunshine Tree Loppers and Garden Removal can perform or your smaller duties with care and attention and provide regular ongoing maintenance if required.  We normally recommend at least an annual check-up and service of most yard’s however some may require six monthly or even three monthly if larger or particularly fast growing.

Before storm season, we also recommend using a professional service to identify potential harmful branches that may cause problems, becoming air borne and damaging houses, cars, other structures or worse, injuring somebody. 

Having maintenance done in early Spring, or the late Autumn period can also allow for the Garden’s “Bloom period” over summer.  This is the period that allows, if left unchecked, the garden to over bloom – the point from where your garden goes from looking lush and full, to overgrown and messy.

Of course the biggest bonus to your yard and outdoor space will be the pure viewing pleasure. Regular tree maintenance in the correct way can make your garden healthier giving the outdoor spaces around your home a greener glow. Flowers will bloom in greater numbers and trees will have denser foliage. Or in reverse, keeping away all those dead branches by regularly cutting back can clear up the mess and let your yard breath. Cutting a certain way can also help shape canopies and tree lines just as you see with the shaping of smaller bushes and shrubs. There may be also some spaces that you want cleared for sun, or for future growth for shade.

If you have a green thumb and really love your plants and trees then a regular maintenance program can improve the life and living of your trees. Getting rid of the dead weight is extremely advantageous for our green friends as removing dead, dying and diseased plants allow for it to contrate it’s growing into its healthier limbs and branches. Good maintenance may lead to dropping less leaves and foliage in winter and the tree reappearing in summer brighter and greener than normal, including a higher yield of flowers.

Many new home buyers or people who have recently landscaped or planted new trees often forget about them instantly once there in the ground believing there job is done. This however can be the best time to start shaping their growth and making sure they stay alive. A maintenance program can be used to shape canopies towards or away from your home, either providing shade or room for sunlight, or protecting your home from falling branches in storm season. An additional reason is to shape the tree away from power lines which may be the final option before having to remove the tree as a whole.

If you unsure how a maintenance service could benefit your home and garden – give us a call!  We can organise an onsite inspection and a rough quote, plus tips in regards to maintaining the property in the future.

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