Tree Removal and Commercial Properties

Similarly, to above, we can with many developers and construction companies to get rid of pesky vegetation and are happy to work in a collaborative partnership with other businesses in the region.  We understand that sometimes vegetation such as trees can cause problems and need removal at last instances.  We can do that for you!

Our role can become particularly handy for those development sites that have last minute approvals from Council to have particular trees removed that are holding up work. 

And it’s not just developers, often trades can’t complete their work because of a tree stump in the way or over hanging branches.  If this sounds familiar give us a call.   We can work with body corporate offices, either on one of occasions or ongoing maintenance contracts.  The reason we work so well with other companies and businesses is that we know what it’s like to run a business and the urgency behind pleasing your customers and getting a job done in a timely and efficient manner.

Many businesses often are too busy running their actual company or activity to have time think about landscaping or outdoor appearances, but the first impression a customer gets, even before they walk in through the door, is important.  A well maintained garden at the front entrance to your business can speak volumes and even make the difference to future or repeat customers returning.

If you are a landlord, you also want to maintain a healthy outdoor space.  Renters are more likely to want to live in an area that is aesthetically pleasing, are more likely to stay and are easier to entice to live in an area, not to mention the potential extra dollars you can charge!.

There is also a risk as both a landlord and business owner regarding overhanging and dead branches falling, either hurting people and / or doing damage to items such as cars.  While most people have sufficient public liability to cover themselves (you do don’t you?) in this instances, you still don’t want to go through the stress, the paper work and the dealing with the insurance companies to resolve the issue.

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